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Haven’t we all wished for a cheap protein powder? A protein powder that does not burn a hole in our pockets. And help us achieve our daily protein goals. In this journey of searching for the cheapest protein powder. We have all come across a common name- “Protinex Orignal”. We have all wondered is it really the best option? Today I will put this name to test and see if it is worth your money or not. Is it a good option or not? I will talk about what exactly protinex original is, its composition, price, use, side effects and a final protinex powder review.

You and I shall together find out if protinex fits in your daily diet to achieve your daily goals or not. So in order to make the right decision.

Let’s begin-

What is Protinex Powder?

Protinex Orignal is a nutritional drink. It is high in protein and low in fats. Danone- a multinational food-products corporation manufactures Protinex powder in India. Protinex is made up of hydrolyzed protein. Therefore it absorbs very easily in your body. It is also low in fats and contains vital nutrients helpful to your body. So basically it is a nutritional supplement. Follow along for the protinex powder review.

Protinex Orignal Composition

Protinex Original contains the basic macronutrients in the following proportions:

Protein– 34 grams per 100 grams.
Carbohydrate– 53.3 grams per 100 grams.
Fat– 0.5 gram per 100 grams.

Hydrolyzed protein obtained from peanuts makes up the protein content in Protinex Orignal. Of the 53.3 grams (per 100 grams) of carbohydrates, 29 grams is sucrose. Protinex is full of vital micronutrients which will help in-

1. Boosting metabolism [Vitamin B1, B2, Niacinamide, Pantothenic acid]
2. Blood cells formation [Vitamin B6, B12, Iron, Folic acid]
3. Stronger immunity [Vitamin A, C & E]
4. Stronger bones [Vitamin D, K, Calcium, Phosphorus]

Other than this Protinex also contains choline and biotin.

Protinex Powder Benefits

  • Protein hydrolysate makes up the protein content in protinex. So protinex is light on your stomach as it absorbs easily.
  • It will help you maintain a good digestion system.
  • Protinex is a plant-based protein (Pea). Therefore it is completely vegetarian.
  • It is full of vital micronutrients which will benefit your body by supporting the immune system and increasing metabolism.
  • Protinex is low in fats.
  • It is low in calories.
  • Protinex is definitely cheaper compared to other protein supplements in the market.
  • Protinex comes in many flavour variants to cater to the diversified taste in India.
  • It may help you with your weight management goals. Especially if you are looking to gain weight.

Protinex Side Effects

These are more of cons than side effects of the product.

  • Some variants of protinex are high in sugar content.
  • If you are on a weight loss program, high sugar and carbohydrates content can interfere with your goals.

Protinex Types

Protinex is available in many variants in India. It is so to cater to everyone’s diversified taste and requirements. Check out the different variants below.

Protinex Original– Protinex Original is the standard and the first protinex. It has been selling in India for more than sixty years.

Protinex Original Review

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Protinex Kesar Badam– If your diversified taste is more satisfied by something like a thandai. Then this Kesar badam variant will definitely treat your taste buds. It even has visible strands of Kesar.

Protinex Kesar Badam Review

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Protinex Tasty Chocolate– A chocolate lover never likes to compromise on taste. If you are a chocolate lover like me. Then this is the best option. Although, the chocolate variant is higher on sugar as compared to other variants. So you have to be very careful with the quantity you consume.

protinex chocolate flavour review

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Protinex Mama– Protinex mama is for mothers who are in their pregnancy or breastfeeding stages. It is rich in protein and DHA to support the foetus’ development. It comes in two different flavours- Chocolate and Vanilla.

mama protinex uses

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Protinex Junior– Protinex junior caters to the children segment. The protein blend is different than the regular protinex. It comes with DHA, Iron and Iodine to support the brain development in kids. Protinex junior is a great option for the growth of children.

protinex junior review

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Protinex Lite– As we talked about before- the high sugar con with protinex. Well, this Protinex powder variants fights that as it delivers a zero sugar content. If you are starting out with your weight loss journey and looking for a cheap protein supplement. Place your bets on Protinex lite powder.

Protinex lite review

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Protinex Vanilla Delight– This variant is for those who prefer a light soothing vanilla taste as opposed to the chocolate variant.

protinex vanilla 250g price

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How to use Protinex?

Any age group can use protinex. Protinex delivers different variants to cater to everyone’s needs. The recommended and the standard dosage is- Add 2-3 heaped spoons [approximately 30 grams] to 200 ml of milk. You can experiment and make the following recipes with protinex as well-

The verdict- Protinex powder review

Coming to the protinex powder review, Protinex can definitely be a partner in your health journey. Protinex is like a nutritional supplement. It depends on how you intend to use it. If you are looking to use it alongside bodybuilding prep then do not. It is not appropriate for that purpose. If you are a regular gym-goer and looking for a cheaper protein supplement. Then protinex can definitely help you. For kids, it is better to use Protinex Junior. For regular people with a sedentary lifestyle. Protinex can be your go-to protein drink to help you meet daily protein requirements.

Apart from the high sugar content, there are no other noticeable cons. Use it post-workout to leverage its high carbohydrate content. And just like any other supplement. Do not go overboard with it. Consume it in a limited quantity. And treat it more as a supplement then the sole source of your protein requirement. Eat whole foods more than relying on any supplements. Protinex can help you meet your daily protein requirements. The composition is great as it has vital nutrients in good proportions.

Taste-wise: initially Protinex Original might taste a bit bitter and off. But believe me, you will get hooked to it after some time. I personally hated the taste when I first used protinex but after a week or so. I was hooked to the taste.

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