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Fast and Up is known for manufacturing various vitamins, minerals and amino acids in effervescent tablets form. What are effervescent tablets? They are fast dissolving tablets giving out carbon dioxide when completely mixed with liquid. Thus giving out a bubbly or fizzy effect to the drink. In simpler words, a drink just like soda or a cola, lime or orange flavoured soft-drink.

Fast&Up helps make your vitamins, minerals and amino acids more interesting by giving them a soda-like pop. This means you can enjoy the benefits of important nutrients while enjoying the fizzy flavours at the same time.

Magnesium and Zinc are two of the most important minerals for the human body. Let’s understand why?

Importance of Magnesium

  • Strong immune system
  • Regulating a healthy steady pace of the heartbeat.
  • Maintain smooth functioning of nerves and muscles.
  • Regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Produce energy and protein in the body.
  • Helps in battling depression.

Importance of Zinc

  • Proper working of the immune system.
  • Wound healing.
  • Regulate senses relating to smell and taste.
  • Carbohydrate breakdown in the body.
  • Amplify the working of insulin.
  • A great remedy for the common cold.

Fast&Up Magnesio- What is it?

Fast and Up Magnesio Review

Fast and Up Magnesio is a magnesium supplement containing zinc as an additional nutrient to aid and enhance magnesium’s functioning. The supplement is designed to fight off magnesium deficiency. Magnesium deficiency can lead to problems like fatigue, exertion, stress and a weak immune system. The supplement is meant for increasing the magnesium and zinc levels in the body to combat such problems occurring due to deficiencies.

Why is Fast and Up Magnesio worth it?

  • Magnesio offers greater absorption and bioavailability of both magnesium and zinc due to its effervescent nature.
  • Easy to consume– just drop the tablet in the water and it dissolves in a matter of minutes.
  • It is flavoured and will feel as if you’re drinking a typical soft drink.
  • Provides an instant refreshing recharge to the body when exhausted.
  • Contains no added sugar.

What does Fast&Up Magnesio’s label say?

Each tablet serving of 4.01 grams provide-

  • Magnesium: 300 mg in elemental form.
  • Zinc: 10 mg
  • Beta-carotene: 10 mg

What is the recommended dosage of Fast&Up Magnesio?

The ideal and recommended dosage for fast and up magnesium is 1 tablet or serving daily.

Final Verdict- Should you buy it?

If your magnesium levels are lower than what they should be. This is a great product to promote higher levels. There are surely a lot of magnesium supplements out there in the market. But fast&up makes the product a whole lot more interesting. The supplement comes in a lime flavour and tastes exactly like the commercial lime soda minus the sugar. However, it will contain artificial sweeteners.

It being tasty and interesting is not the only reason you should consider buying it. Effervescent tablets offer faster absorption compared to traditional supplements. Faster absorption can provide you with an instant recharge after tiring sessions of physical activities or work. Magnesium is a great stress combater as well. So you can say an early goodbye to the fatigue recurring after tiring day at work.

*Important* Consult your doctor before adding a supplement to your diet. If you’re diagnosed with lower levels of a nutrient, only then you should use supplements. Excess of nutrients in your body can be harmful as well.

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