Best Biotin Supplement Brands in India [2020]

Best Biotin Supplement in India

Unhappy due to bad hair, brittle nails and not so good skin? Do you often wish for a remedy to get you out of this tragedy? If yes, then you are in the right place today. You’ve probably heard about biotin and that is why you’re here. Wherever there is a mention of weak & dry hair, nails that shatter with an accidental kick at a door or bottom of the bed and skin with an unworthy glow, there is also a mention of biotin in the list of remedies.

Now that you’re at this stage, you’re likely one of those who just took the step of trying this supplement instead of just reading and doing nothing about it. After doing your fair share of research about it you’re looking for the one best biotin supplement from a glut of biotin supplement available in the market today. If this is the case with you, look no further as we label down a list of best biotin supplements available in India. [Click here] to check out the top biotin supplement in India from our list below.

Before moving forward let’s revise our understanding of biotin again. This’ll help jog your memory a little and groove your mind around the topic so that before making your decision you’re well aware of what you’re buying. If you’re doubtful about buying supplements, we have also listed down a list of foods rich in biotin. You can incorporate these in your diet instead of the supplements and if you still notice a lack or deficiency you can always add a biotin supplement in your diet.

What is Biotin supplement?

Biotin is a water-soluble b vitamin which helps turn food into the energy. We need energy for carrying out the day to day tasks in our daily lives. Not just tasks but you require energy for even sleeping, talking etc. Energy is the fuel we humans need to run on. Just like a car is useless without petrol, diesel or electricity so is our body without energy.

Vitamin B7 and Vitamin H  (H represents Haar und Haut, German for hair and skin) are some of the other names for biotin. Biotin possesses some great benefits relating to skin, hair, eyes, liver, nails and nervous system. It is a great addition to your daily healthy balanced diet. Biotin is an important part of the enzyme responsible for breaking down fats, carbohydrates and amino acids into energy.

Biotin Benefits


biotin supplement for hair

Do you ever look at the shampoo advertisements with actresses caressing their silky flowing lustrous hair and wonder why don’t I have such hair? If yes, you’ve got to add biotin in your diet. Why? Because biotin makes your hair healthy and helps them grow more quickly. How? It helps in improving the body’s keratin structure. Keratin is a protein which makes up your hair, skin and nails. So if your head is full of dry fragile hair nearer to their extinct then you should definitely consider supplementing with biotin.

As per a study conducted on 18 individuals with a known deficiency of biotin and problems relating to hair and nails were provided with biotin supplementation. The study concluded biotin supplementation proved to be an effective remedy in the 18 cases of lack of biotin in the body. However, this study also reported individuals with no known deficiency of biotin who are healthy may not require biotin supplementation as it won’t be effective for them. Study Reference- (Click Here)


biotin supplement for skin

Taking care of your skin is super important. If you do not do it then you’re likely to end up with acne, rashes, dullness and dryness. No one wants that, right? One possible remedy for this problem is biotin. But it is effective as long as your body lacks biotin and you notice symptoms relating to it. How does biotin help with your skin? Remember how we discussed above- keratin makes up your skin and biotin helps improve keratin? Well, apply the same logic here and the destination conclusion will be healthy skin.

Skincare includes not just outside remedies. If you really wish for a healthy and glowing skin you should also work it from the inside. Biotin helps you accomplish that goal be it from a supplement or from a biotin rich diet.


Biotin supplement for nails

Brittle nail syndrome is a syndrome wherein the nails become extremely fragile either due to increased dryness or through increased moisture thus making them soft and thin. This syndrome affects a lot of people and biotin is one of those nutrients which can help cure this syndrome. Even the nails are made up of keratin. Lack of keratin leads to thinning and brittleness of nails. Biotin as we know helps improve the keratin structure and helps with the health of hair, skin and nails.

A study involving women with weak nails from Switzerland where they were prescribed to supplement daily with biotin was done. It was concluded after a period of 6 months 63% of the women involved in the study witnessed a 25% increase in the thickness of their nails. Study reference- (Click here)

Reduce blood sugar

For diabetic patients with fluctuating sugar levels, biotin can prove to be a very beneficial vitamin. Several studies conducted around biotin show that it has properties which can lower glucose levels in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Biotin is also known to encourage insulin secretion.

Reduce nerve damage

Nerve damage is a symptom related to diabetes. Low levels of this vitamin during that period can be dangerous. Supplementing with biotin helps in controlling these symptoms. Biotin helps in regulating the activity of an enzyme (Pyruvate carboxylase), the over-increase of which can affect the nerves.

Best biotin supplements in India

Let’s begin with our list of best biotin supplement brands in India. We have listed down biotin supplements in the various forms as available in India. They are majorly available in 5 forms namely tablets, powders, gummies, liquid and oral sprays.


Now Foods Biotin

Now biotin review

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Why buy this?

✔️ Internationally renowned and trusted brand.
✔️ Comes in a variety of powers. For example- 1000 mcg, 5000 mcg, 10000 mcg.
✔️ Contains no allergens from wheat, soy, fish. milk, egg, gluten, shellfish or tree nuts.
✔️ One of the best internationally rated brands for biotin.
✔️ 100% non-GMO Vegan/Vegetarian capsules.

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Healthvit Biotin

Healthvit Biotino Review

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Why buy this?

✔️ HealthVit offers a wide range of biotin products such as Biotino, Biotino Platinum, Biotino Plus Protan, Biotino-Z.
✔️ The standard Biotin is available in 2 powers namely 5000 mcg and 10000 mcg.
✔️ Being a manufactured in India product, HealthVit’s Biotin is relatively cheaper.
✔️ One bottle offers you 60 capsules and can easily last for 60 days.
✔️ With this product, you will achieve slow and steady progress and the final results can be seen after a prolonged course of usage.

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MuscleXP Biotin

Musclexp biotin review

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Why buy this?

✔️ The tablets are relatively smaller when compared to other brands with quite big capsules.
✔️ Noticeable improvement in hair health in a short period of time upon the usage of this product.
✔️ Detailed and transparent labelling regarding every macronutrient as well which is often found to be missing with the majority of other biotin brands.
✔️ Contains 90 tablets each offering a power of 10000 mcg of Biotin.
✔️ From a well known and trusted supplement brand in India.

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Carbamide Forte Biotin

Carbamide Biotin Review

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Why buy this?

✔️ In addition to 10000 mcg of biotin. it also contains 25 mg keratin, 20 mg bamboo extract, 5 mg piperine and 90 mg calcium.
✔️ A combination of all these products enables better absorption of Biotin in the body.
✔️ Carbamide offers 90 tablets of 100% vegan and gluten-free tablets of Biotin.
✔️ Noticeable results in a few weeks.
✔️ Comes in small easy to swallow tablets.

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OZiva Plant-Based Biotin

Oziva Biotin Review

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Why buy this?

✔️ The powdered form can be easily mixed with other food items such as flour, whey protein powder etc.
✔️ Has not just biotin but also Sesbania Agati, Bamboo Shoot, Amla and Pomegranate, a combination of all these will help enrich your hair, skin and nail health even more.
✔️ OZiva Plant-Based Biotin Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non-Gmo, has no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives and has 0g added sugar.
✔️ 1 jar will supply you with all these amazing benefits for up to 15 days.
✔️ Good mixability in water.

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Kayos Naturals Biotin

Kayos Biotin Review

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Why buy this?

✔️ The liquid form ensures a faster rate of absorption.
✔️ Can be added to a beverage, shampoo or face creams/lotions/packs.
✔️ Every 1 ml of serving provides 10000 mcg of Biotin.
✔️ Has a natural vanilla flavour to it.
✔️ Produced in GMP & ISO certified laboratories only.

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Oral Spray

WALPAR D-Biotin Oral Spray

Walpar Biotin Spray Review

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Why buy this?

✔️ Just like the liquid form it has a quick absorption rate.
✔️ Available in flavours like Banana and Tangy Orange.
✔️ Pocket-friendly and convenient to use.
✔️ Serving size is of 5 sprays and every serving offers 10000 mcg of biotin.
✔️ Will easily last you for 60 days.

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What foods contain Biotin?

Here is a list of foods rich in Biotin.
1. Eggs
2. Sunflower seeds.
3. Sweet potato
4. Almonds
5. Tuna
6. Spinach
7. Brocolli
8. Milk
9. Yoghurt
10. Banana
11. Apple
12. Oats

What are some side effects of consuming excess Biotin?

Biotin has not been proven to show any physical signs of side effects upon excessive usage. But higher doses can interfere with hormone levels and can interfere with reports relating to some problems like thyroid etc thus interfering with the transparency of reports. Which can make it difficult to understand the underlying disease.

When will I start seeing results with biotin?

You are not likely to notice any results overnight. A safe bet will be to say over a course of 1-2 months. You need to stay consistent with your usage of Biotin and ensure you do not consume in excess to get the desired results fast. Excessive consumption can disturb your hormone levels.

What are the signs of Biotin deficiency?

Although Biotin deficiency is a rare thing, still if a person fails to consume even the minimum levels of biotin required then he/she can notice-
1. Thinning of hair
2. Brittle nails
3. Hair loss and baldness thereafter.
4. Lethargy
5. Rashes

How much Biotin should I take?

There are no concrete results and tests concerning the dosage of biotin. But consumers of biotin supplements are likely to get the desired results with a dosage ranging between 2000-10000 mcg.

Can Biotin help me with weight loss?

Biotin is known to boost metabolism. Due to its this property, it can help speed up weight loss. It cannot solely act as a weight loss pill but it can definitely help quicken the process. Pairing Biotin with chromium picolinate can accelerate this process even better.


Biotin is a useful supplement in cases where problems regarding hair, skin and nails are persistent due to a deficiency of biotin in the body. Supplementation may not be necessary in every case. People tend to get their daily recommended levels of biotin solely from the food itself. If in cases the food doesn’t seem to be solving the problem then external supplementation can be done.

If you’re diagnosed with any other chronic problems always consult with your doctor before adding any sort of supplements in your diet. Either way, biotin can not become very harmful as it is a water-soluble supplement. Your body will flush the excess biotin. Coming to the main topic of our discussion- which is the best biotin supplement in India? Our top biotin of India spot goes to Carbamide Forte Biotin because it is the only biotin supplement offering more than just biotin at the rate close to other biotin supplements.

As you may have noticed we have shared some of the other forms of biotin supplements apart from the standard tablet form of this supplement. Those options can be availed as well. They offer unique benefits of their own.

If you’re someone who needs a little sweetness on their taste buds then gummies are your way to go. If you need something pocket-friendly with a tinge of flavour then oral sprays are your best bet. Oral sprays will also offer high absorption rate just like the liquid form of biotin. Powders are great for mixing up in smoothies, beverages and shakes. All in all, choose what seems best for you. Although tablets are still the most convenient as a bunch of brands produce them and their prices are not hefty. For most people, the tablets will suffice and do the job. For any query regarding biotin, ask us in the comments.

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